One logo, one vision

120 participants attend the Orléans Health Hub town hall session
15 August 2019
Preferred proponent
15 August 2019

The logo that will represent the Orléans Health Hub was recently unveiled, after consultations with the Hub’s partners and patient-partners.

It includes the following visual elements:

  • A butterfly represents the individual, at the heart of the logo as he or she will be at the heart of the Hub, and who is transformed by his or her experience at the Hub. Note that the Hub will feature a butterfly wing-shaped green wall.
  • Seven petals, in honour of the Hub’s original partners, represent the way their services intersect to provide an integrated experience to the visitor.
  • In the butterfly’s core, the connection of the wings with the body creates a visual hub.
  • The fact that the butterfly is drawn in one stroke illustrates the Hub’s integrated approach and its person-centred services.
  • The name Orléans is prominently displayed.
  • The name of the Hub is proudly bilingual, along with the services which will be available in both official languages.

A major fundraising campaign, led by the Montfort Foundation, will soon be launched to support the financing of the Hub.